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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Historical maps and images

Below is a series of maps and images depicting the growth of Govan.

Govan is a small settlement sitting within rural countryside and the River Clyde is in it's natural state with small islands. An old Scottish word for Island is "Inch" hence the word Inch appearing on the map.

A hundred years later and still a small settlement exists at Govan. The houses on the river bank are possibly fishermen. Note also the church in the background which is most likely the site of the current Govan Parish.

By now the River Clyde had been straightened and deepened. The islands are gone.

Larger boats are able to sail down the River Clyde. Govan still resembles a rural settlement.

The shipyards are now forming along the river.

As the shipyards grew, so did Govan, A railway station linked Govan with Glasgow and Paisley transporting goods, materials and workers.

The River Clyde helped Govan grow into a major industrial settlement to the point that it emerged with all the other expanding local villages to form the city we today know as Glasgow.

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