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Monday, 15 September 2008


So what is a node?
In urban design terms, it is somewhere or something that pulls your attention towards it. It may be a destination or some sort of interchange.

Examples of destination nodes in Govan are highlighted in the diagram below. These include shops, churches, bingo hall, pubs at Govan Cross, bus and underground stations, library, football stadium (Rangers FC), shops along Paisley Road West, Asda and Toys R Us retail area, Elder Park, Kinning Park Festival Park, Cinema, restaurants, bowling alleys and bingo at Springfield Quay and since this drawing was produced there is now the Science Centre, Imax Cinema and millennium tower at Pacific Quay.

Examples of interchange nodes in Govan that are highlighted below include the gateways when it becomes apparent that you are entering the area. Other forms of interchange include changing from the underground to the bus transport system.

Some of the nodes listed above includes public spaces. Public spaces can be either soft spaces or hard spaces. Soft spaces are often grass and relaxed i.e. parks, while hard spaces are often paved and processional i.e. leading to a church. The diagram below highlights examples of soft and hard public spaces in Govan.

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